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Direct Marketing Data Services

Telemarketing Lists, Email Marketing Leads and Business/Consumer Mailing Lists

Our full suite of direct marketing tools has evolved from years of experience in managing client marketing campaigns, and understanding how to properly evaluate data.  We take pride in the fact that we can consult on a variety of marketing strategies. We not only help you acquire customer data, we also help you build mechanisms that are capable of stable growth. While we do focus on specific industries, we also have the ability to customize an approach for each client.

Direct Marketing Data is one of the top database marketing companies.  We provide data for many different industries, and compile it for successful, targeted direct marketing services and email marketing services.  For example, our clients in the Automotive Industry use our Automotive data to prospect new customers via vehicle lease expirations, certain makes and models, warranty expirations, and more.  The Real Estate Industry uses our Real Estate data to prospect ideal clients, with parameters such as income, geographic location, mortgage information, or foreclosure.  Restaurants use our Restaurant data to target market their geographic area, and certain demographics, etc.

You get the idea, we can customize a data list as broad or as pinpointed as you would like, so fine tune your direct marketing and email marketing accuracy with direct marketing services and email marketing services from Direct Marketing Data.

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